National 529 Day

We want you to #GeauxSTARTSaving today!

Here is how you can win $529 during the month of May!

What is 529 Day?

529 Day (May 29th) is recognized as the National 529 College Savings Plan Day! Paying for college takes some planning.

Paying for college takes some planning. In Louisiana, the cost of attendance for an in-state student for the 2019-2020 school year ranged upwards of $20,000 for the community and technical college system and into $30,000 for some public four-year institutions.

With the cost of a college education continually rising, it is no longer practical for parents to solely depend on family income to cover post-secondary expenses. Did you know that the Louisiana START 529 College Savings Plan is a big help when it comes to paying for college and comes with state tax benefits and earning enhancements? If you want to learn more about these benefits, visit the START Savings website and START saving today!

How will we celebrate 529 Day?

The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) is celebrating 529 DAY with a series of social media activities during the week of May 25 -29.  The activities will focus on saving for college and the importance of a college education.  Participants will have their names entered into a drawing to win $529 that will be deposited into a START account of their choice.  The winner will be announced on June 1!  Information about the campaign will be shared starting the week of May 11.

Use our hashtag #GeauxSTARTSaving for all social media posts.

Quick Tip: Click on the link below to visit our START website to brush up on some START facts that may help increase your chances of being our grand prize winner.  The winner will be announced on June 1!

529 week of Activities

529 week of Activities

  • START 529 At-Home Scavenger Hunt (Monday, May 25)
  • We will post a list of items for participants to find in and around their homes, related to START/College Savings.
  • Account Owner / Family Pictures (Tuesday, May 26)
  • All START Account Owners are invited to share pictures of their families and their reason(s) why they opened up a START 529 account.
  • Beneficiary Testimony Posts (Wednesday, May 27)
  • If funds from a START 529 account helped you to pay for college, we want you to share your picture and a statement on how those funds were used to pay for your education.
  • What Does College Savings Mean to You Essay (Thursday, May 28)?
  • Understanding the benefits of saving early, is crucial.  We want our elementary and middle school students to share a short essay about what saving for college and getting a college education means to them.
  • START Twitter/Instagram Poll (Friday, May 29)
  • Take our 5 Question START Quiz on social media.  Each correct answer is another chance for you to win $529!