TOPS Awards are determined based upon a student’s score on one ACT test. Superscores are not utilized as the TOPS statute provides that a student must earn a qualifying composite score on a single ACT test. | Click here for the Hurricane Ida Questions and Answers Document. | Click here to submit a public comment for an upcoming Advisory Board Meeting | Click here for the current year TOPS Award Amount | Click here for the CIP Codes list.  | Click here to meet LEX. |

Hi! I’m LEX – LOSFA’s EXpert in accessing financial aid information, designed to answer your questions around the clock and advocate for your success!

With LEX, students can proactively engage in their education and communicate using tools at their fingertips. This enables students to quickly receive key information for their postsecondary needs.

Currently, LEX provides timely answers to questions related to TOPS awards. Plans to integrate LEX into other efforts will occur in phases. 

LOSFA encourages students to utilize LEX to receive general information and answers to frequently asked questions. LEX will direct students with complex questions to contact LOSFA directly.

Students with questions specific to their TOPS award should log on their Student Hub account. 

LEX is located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the LEX icon to start chatting.

Hi! I'm LEX.