Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance
A Program of the Board of Regents

Maintaining TOPS 

Continuing TOPS students are not required to reapply for TOPS or complete a renewal FAFSA unless they qualify for federal grant aid, but they must maintain eligibility based on their award level each year. 

TOPS Award Levels and Eligibility Requirements

If you are unsure or if you need other forms of federal financial aid (student loans, federal work-study), you should complete the FAFSA to determine your eligibility or renew the FAFSA each year to maintain federal financial aid you are already receiving. 

TOPS Program Information 

When will I know my TOPS status for next semester?

LOSFA cannot determine your TOPS eligibility for the following semester/term until your college submits your final grades for the current term. Access your TOPS Award Tracker in the Student Hub to monitor the status of your award renewal and to see when your grades have been received by LOFSA.

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