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This program offers content for a multitude of students, ranging from 6th grade through post-secondary.

The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), a program of the Louisiana Board of Regents, offers a customized financial literacy program designed with your postsecondary institution’s curriculum in mind. 

Program Goals:

  • Build knowledge of economic, academic, cultural, and social capital
  • Empower students to recognize the importance and connection between managing finances and degree completion
  • Foster a financially literate community for ranging from 6th grade through post-secondary
  • Promote holistic student development

Colleges can choose to structure the financial literacy course(s) according to the needs of the students and/or staff on their campus.  They can also pick from a variety of session topics, including:

  • What To Do With Your Check?
  • Applying For Scholarships/TOPS Renewal/“SAP”/FAFSA Renewal
  • Credit Cards/Car Loans/Private Loans

Click here for the Financial Literacy Program Press Kit

The Financial Literacy Program Packet contains an introductory letter for your institution that gives an overview of the program.  You will also find “Promise To Attend” and “Session Log” documents to provide to students and staff.  These forms will assist LOSFA and your institution when it comes to tracking financial aid education efforts and record-keeping.

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