Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance
A Program of the Board of Regents

What is the Compete to Complete portal? 

This portal is a statewide tracker of completed FAFSAs broken down by district and school. Click here to reach the portal.

What is measured? 

The “monthly champion” measures the percent increase of completion for the month to date being reported. The current rankings measure the highest percentage increase on a week to week bases. 

It is possible for a school to lead in increase from week to week but not lead in monthly overall completions.
Numerator — Number of FAFSA completions reported by Federal Student Aid.

Denominator — Number of seniors in the class reported by Louisiana Department of Education.

Note: Although the FAFSA mandate put forth by the Louisiana Department of Education states that FAFSAs submitted shall count toward the graduation requirement, this portal records FAFSA completions. 

Submitted applications reflect all FAFSAs submitted by students at that high school. These applications, however, can be subsequently rejected by the Central Processing System if they are missing key pieces of information. The applications that are not rejected are referred to as completed applications. 

Completed applications, therefore, are a subset of all submitted applications. If a FAFSA is submitted but not complete, the student will receive an e-mail from the Department of Education asking him or her to correct the FAFSA. A completed FAFSA is necessary to determine eligibility for federal and often other forms of financial aid.

Have Questions?: Email GeauxFAFSA@la.gov

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