Governor John Bel Edwards Proclaims October as Louisiana College Application and Access Month

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Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) 

October 1, 2018

Governor John Bel Edwards Proclaims October as Louisiana College Application and Access Month

Baton Rouge, LA- Today, Governor John Bel Edwards proclaimed October as Louisiana College Application & Access Month (LCAAM) to increase the number of first generation and low-income students in Louisiana who apply to post-secondary institutions.

Throughout the month of October, high school seniors will get a taste of college culture as they celebrate LCAAM. Coordinated by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), high school seniors will receive assistance on their college applications and financial aid forms by LOSFA staff and partners as they find a college or university that fits their interest. 

“Timely submission of college admission and financial aid applications is the first step toward ensuring that a student will actually have a seat in a post-secondary classroom come next fall,” said LOSFA Executive Director, Dr. Sujuan Boutte. “LOSFA is here to assist students with this task and the many additional steps needed to get them into college, get through college and into a financially rewarding career doing something they love.” 

Students who may be undecided on their next steps following graduation have a chance to use LOSFA’s 5-Point Match Tool, Unlock My Future . The platform is designed to look at each student’s individual interests and unlock the perfect job for them, with resources on how to get there.

“LOSFA can help students find the best post-secondary match for their chosen career goals, financial means, and social and emotional needs. We also help students evaluate whether that institution has a successful history of graduating students in their major who are recruited for desirable jobs following college completion,” Boutte added.

Students who are seeking pathways into the military or workforce will also receive support. In addition to requesting staff from colleges and universities, high school counselors invite those with industry or military experience to attend LCAAM events and speak with students.

“Our participation in the Louisiana College Application & Access Month has enabled our seniors to apply to the college, career, military, or educational institution of their choice with the guidance of college admission personnel to ensure that their application is fully complete and accurate,” said Mamcy Mallett, a counselor at Welsh High School.

LOSFA introduced LCAAM in 2013. The pilot program was held for one week in 25 schools and more than 1,000 students completed college applications. After the initial success, LOSFA expanded the initiative for all Louisiana high schools to participate. To date, more than 65 schools have signed up to participate in this years’ LCAAM. 

The 2018 event schedule for LCAAM can be accessed here . For more information on the Louisiana College Application and Access Month, visit our website .