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The Nursing Student Network Group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM. and includes nursing majors at all levels of course study from pre-clinical to program acceptance whether ASN, BSN, LPN, or RN. Students receive and share best practices in studying, test-taking, time management, self-care, and resume writing as well as hear opportunities for grants, scholarships, and internship or job placements. Students majoring in related or allied health professions are also welcome.  To join this network group, click here or on the “Virtual Student Network Group Orientation Registration” link below.

My name is Kaylynn Semien, I am a junior nursing major at Northwestern State University. I found this group with the help of Miss LaVonya Malveaux. I stay involved because this group brings in amazing ladies to come and share their experiences and journeys with us and you never know who you will meet and who can help you in tremendous ways. With all the zooms I’ve been on with these ladies they’ve encouraged me to keep going and I’m doing exactly that. What I would say to the other involved students is stay focused, stick with whatever it is you have to and don’t give up. It’ll pay off. & stay connected with this group, it is a blessing

Kaylynn Semien, Junior Nursing Major, NSU

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Andrea Hill-Ponchatoula, LA; Northshore Technical Community College; Licensed Practical Nurse (May 2023)
Natalie Moore-Opelousas, LA; Baton Rouge Community College; Licensed Practical Nurse (May 2023)

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