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To view eligibility requirements, registration information, and official rules for the Shot At A Million (SAAM) promotion, click here.

Shot At A Million (SAAM) START Accounts are subject to all the terms and conditions of all other START Accounts as set forth in the law, the administrative rules, and the disclosure booklet with the exceptions noted below:
  • Shot At A Million Accounts may only be used to pay the Qualified Higher Education Expenses of the Award Recipient. 
  • Shot At A Million accounts may not be rolled over to another account, unless the award recipient dies, is incapacitated or reaches 21 years of age.  Once the account owner reaches the age of 21, the account is subject to the terms and conditions for rollovers as set forth in the law, administrative rules, and the Disclosure Booklet.  
  • Shot At A Million accounts, including accounts into which funds are rolled over, are not refundable. 
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