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Learn about the START Saving Program

Welcome to Louisiana’s 529 START & START K12 Saving Programs – Programs of the Board of Regents! 

The Student Tuition Assistance & Revenue Trust program, commonly referred to as the START Saving Program, is an innovative saving plan designed to help families contend with the growing cost of educating their children.

Learn about FAFSA

Are you a parent who’s looking ahead to your child’s college years? Or just about to face the first tuition bill?

Here are some resources to help parents save for college, learn about financial aid, and understand the application process.

More Information for Parents…


  • What is the FSA ID, and Why Do I Need One?

    The FSA ID is a username and password that is used to sign and submit the FAFSA. The FSA ID has the same status as a written signature and is used to sign legally binding documents electronically.

  • Who Needs A FSA ID?

    Each student completing a FAFSA would need his or her own FSA ID. Dependent students will also need a parent to create an FSA ID. Parents can use the same FSA ID for multiple children. However, each user would need his or her own email address.

  • How Do I Create an FSA ID?

    Go to your email address.Create a username and password (passwords require a capital letter, a lowercase letter and a number or special character).Enter your social security number, date of birth and name.Enter your Federal Student Aid PIN if you have one (parents with older children may already have an established PIN number that they can link to their FAFSA).Enter your mailing address.Enter your phone number and an alternate phone number.Set up five challenge questions.Read and accept the terms.Verify your email address by entering the six digit secure code that was emailed to you.
    FSA IDs will take 1-3 days to be confirmed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). You will receive an email from the SSA informing you of the results

Completion Events

FAFSA Completion events are available for students and parents across the state. FAFSA completion events take place in a computer lab or a library where attendees have access to computers. LOSFA representatives are available to help students and parents fill out the FAFSA and can provide line by line assistance. Students and parents will each need to create their own FSA ID prior to completing the FAFSA. Parents can use the same FSA ID for multiple children; however, each student would need his or her own unique ID. Once the FAFSA has been completed, the LOSFA representatives can explain the confirmation page and answer any questions about the Student Aid Report information.