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Resource Repository

Our LOSFA Field Outreach Services (LFOS) and Louisiana GEAR UP (LGU) schools are provided with an array of resources to use and implement for our standard and special initiatives such as: various forms, sign-in and sign-up sheets, and Manuals.


Calendar of Events

There are no events scheduled at this time


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Quarterly Reporting

The On Site School Coordinator (OSSC) is responsible for monitoring and documenting all budgetary expenditures using LFOS or LGU funds. Quarterly reporting includes reporting/documenting all LFOS or LGU activities, including contract expenditures taking place at the school level. In addition, we welcome documentation of non-LFOS or non-LGU funded activities that support the LFOS and/or LGU mission. These activities may include, but are not limited to tutoring, mentoring, job shadowing, job site visits, college guest speakers, community service, and cultural events. Quarterly OSSCs are expected to report via the Cayen Data Management System and upload deliverables via Egnyte to your assigned Regional Coordinator.

Quarter Reporting Period:

Reporting takes place on a Quarterly basis. Reports are always due to LFOS within five (5) days of the end of the reporting period, below:

1st QuarterAugust 1 thought October 26Friday, November 2 2018
2nd QuarterOctober 27 through January 11Friday, January 18 2018
3rd Quarter January 12 through March 15Friday, March 22 2018
4th QuarterMarch 16 through May 24Thursday, May 31 2019