Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance
A Program of the Board of Regents

Network Group Facilitator/Content Specialist


Bruce Craig is a Content Specialist in the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance.  He is a member of the Student Engagement Team, responsible for creating and promoting initiatives that enhance student development and postsecondary opportunities through interaction with peers and career professionals.  Because of his strong interest in assisting engineering undergraduates succeed in pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, he was asked to facilitate a statewide engineering student network group.  

After graduating valedictorian from the Southern University Laboratory School, Bruce attended the University of Rochester in New York as a National Achievement Scholar.  He was financially supported by a 4-year academic scholarship, but played football as well and was honored by being elected captain during his senior year.   He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.  Two years later he received a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology from Southern University.

Bruce chose a career with Exxonmobil Corporation working as a laboratory technician for 37 years.  He became a step-up supervisor and was a member of the Exxon Emergency Response Team which is responsible for fighting fires and rescuing personnel.  While working at ExxonMobil In Baton Rouge, he chose to pursue a Ph.D  and graduated from Southern University in the Public Policy Program.  The focus of his research was to identify factors that influence engineering undergraduates to opt out and change their major.

Bruce, a recent retiree from Exxonmobil is a strong proponent of the value of education.   He now volunteers his time as co-director of the College and Career component of the Bethany Church Mentorship Program. This program targets students at Istrouma Middle and Istrouma High School assisting them with tutoring, mentoring and college and career development.  He sees himself as a bridge builder, always anxious to help the youth of today traverse the perils of their educational journey – taking them from where they are to where they are supposed to be.

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